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Default Beatles still outperform Elvis

Recently Elvis fans and parts of the media are celebrating Presley`s 18th UK No. 1, leading them to comments like "Elvis is now officially bigger than the Beatles" etc.

These folks should look at the far more important album charts, here the Fabs piss all over Presley`s achievements:

#1 albums (Billboard)

Beatles 19
Elvis 9

#1 albums (UK)

Beatles 15
Elvis 6

Weeks spent at No. 1 in the Billboard album chart:

Beatles 131
Elvis 64

Weeks spent at No. 1 in the UK album chart:

Beatles 174
Elvis 49

Weeks spent in the Billboard Top 200 album chart:

Beatles 1,955 (up to 1998)
Elvis 1,858 (up to 1998)

Weeks spent in the UK album chart Top 75:

Beatles 1,285
Elvis 1,155

RIAA-certified album sales in America:

Beatles 164.5 million
Elvis 100 million

And remember, the Beatles get their impressive figures from an 8-year recording career (1962-70), while Elvis Presley`s career lasted some 23 years (1954-1977)...

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