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Default Re: Paul on new version of \"Do They Know It\'s Christmas\"

FPSHOT Posted:
**Linda** Posted:
Here in Italy on MTV they said that Paul will not sing because the Live Aid organisers thought he was too OLD!!!!
But it's true?? I can't beleive they said this horrible thing!

[/ QUOTE ]
here is a story about that!opendocument

[/ QUOTE ]

That puts it in a different light, and I was thinking aboutt that to. Tho it sounds a bit unfortunate to say we don't want him to sing because he's to old.

Band Aid one, had the artists who were curent at that time "Duran Duran" "U2" "George Michael" and such. Band Aid two had another generation of artists including "Kylie Minogue". So this version will have the artists of today, including Robbie and Dido. I was just wondering about Bono, and I don't think it's a good excuse to have him on because no-one else could sing his line like he does, you might have well have the rest of Band Aind 1 on the line up, because no-one else could sing their lines like they did.

I still wish however that no-one would sing on it.
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