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Default Re: Beatles Capitol Boxset avaliable to pre order

Paul Posted:
The infamous Capitol Beatles album boxset is now avaliable to pre order from and, for 37.99 including shipping.

Personally, I don't think I'll buy it...I'd rather have the 'proper' UK albums reissued. It does seem odd that this set is going to be issued in the UK!

When Neil Aspinall mentioned a while back about a major Beatles project for 2006, perhaps he was referring to the UK album reissues, following on from these US boxes? I hope so, but my bank balance doesen't!

[/ QUOTE ]

well we in the US, have learned to love the UK cd's, that's how we bought the Beatles CD's when they were released UK only, so why not give our versions a listen at least, take them out from your library or something when they are released.
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