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Default Re: That What Set The Ball Rolling...

the book I Me Mine, beginning of Chapter III

Derek Taylor: 'Wehave not talked much of India. In 1965 there were hints. In Help, in a scene where they were riding bicycles, they were sitting on the corner of a rad in Nassau, waiting for the camera crew to line up another shot'

George Harrison: 'The Goodyear blimp was up above and we were waiting for instructions and Swami Vishnu Devananda walked up; he was the first Swami I met and he obviously knew we were there.
It was also my birthday, 25 february 1965. I was 22, and he told me years later that whilst meditating he had a strong feeling that he should make contact. He gave us a book and I did not look at it in detail for some time, but at a later date (I was getting to the point where I wantedto go back to India,to Rishikesh, because from what I had gathered, Rishikesh is very good for me). I found the book that he had given me all those years before and I openend the cover and it had a big OM written on it. He was from the Forrist Hill Acedemy of Rishikesh.

'Love one another'
The Harrisons, November 30, 2001
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