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Originally Posted by Goaltender Interference View Post
As you may recall, "Let It Be" was being documentarized as a contractual obligation, despite none of the Beatles wanting to make a film. They were being pressured to come up with film and song ideas at a low point in their creativity.
This is not actually true. The Beatles were being filmed for a TV documentary as part of their Get Back project.

The idea was to rehearse new songs and perhaps a few old ones to do a concert which would then become their next album. A kind of live album with practically all new songs.

As usual the Beatles were trying something they'd never done before.

Unfortunately the sessions didn't go all that well. George was never too keen on the idea of a live show even in a controlled environment and the others didn't seem too interested in his new songs. He begrudgingly agreed to do a few songs on the roof and then the project was abandoned in favour of making an entirely new album everybody could feel at ease with. That album was Abbey Road.

So you see there was no question of this being a 'contractual obligation'. At this stage of the game nobody could oblige the Beatles to do anything they didn't want to do.
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