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Originally Posted by misfittoy View Post
One cannot practice Chrisitanity and Krishna. I believe George died a Krishna. If he did look at Christianity in any form, I'd bet money it was a radical version like the Essenes of something.
Who says so?

God takes many forms, Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Jehovah, Allah..

George himself remarked on the similarities betwen Christ and Krishna many times..and on the 1974 American tour would get the crowd to chant " Jesus..Krishna, Jesus, Krishna..Christ's name in the orginal Greek is KRISTOS ..Krishna, Kristos..both share the KRI..coincidence?

Its not God that is limited, it is some peoples narrow visions ie you cant do this or that, that is a human invention..

I havent heard about a full blown conversion at the end of his life, and would doubt it as George was fully Christ Concious for most of his life

Hallelujiah..Hare Krishna... Thats practising both right there!
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