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It always seemed to me that George was accepting of "God" on each person's personal level, and his happened to be the teachings of Krishna, but I believe he was tolerant maybe not of organized religion per se ("The Pope owns 51% of General Motors/the stock exchange is the only thing he's qualified to quote us"), and maybe his views changed or evolved over time. This is from the David Wigg interview from 10/08/69:

"And also in India, you know, they chant those sort of things all over the place. The thing about the word 'Hare' is the word that calls upon the energy that's around from the Lord. Whichever Lord you like, really. But in this case it happens to be Krishna... which is like the words that Christ said became the Christian Bible. And the words that Krishna said became the sort of Hindu Bible called the Bhagwat Ghita. So it's just by merely the repetition of that. It's the same if you were just to go round chanting Christ, Christ, Christ, Christ. If you say it long enough then you build up this identification. Whatever you identify with, you become one with it. So it's really a method of becoming one with God."

I think he stuck to this basic tenet through time, but again I am not an expert on how his faith evolved over the years.
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