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Originally Posted by beatlebangs1964 View Post
I've long wanted to explore George's roots in Catholicism. Louise was Catholic and, in an interview with a fan from George's fan club newsletter said that George and Pattie were both Catholic. Louise had George baptized when he was 1 month old.

Apparently the roots of Catholicism took root and bore fruit in George. He had a lovely statue of the Blessed Mother on his property. He also sang "Vatican Blues." We know his boyhood disillusionment with the hypocrisy he witnessed in people who claimed to be religious. I still would be very interested in George's later views on Catholicism.
Me too, BB! Very much so. George also had a statue of the Sacred Heart in his grotto. I really hope the doc speaks about George's views on all the things you mention. I'd love to know more about Louise and Harold's views, too.
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