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Originally Posted by Hari's Chick View Post
.Anyway, Toy, you don't really know my path, so it's pretty funny you assume I am closed minded. I read from all religions... lookie at my signiture... it's MJ with the words "ONE" and around the globe are all the symbols of all faiths.

I was just making convo really, and trying to be nice to you? I am sorry that I seemed to have offended you.
NO you didn't offend me nor did I make any assumptions about you. but Catholics do offend me (besides the awful way they treated me that automatically puts me on the defensive due to 13 solid years of emotional abuse) when they try to force someone as Catholic who clearly wasn't like George. (and respecting Jesus as a teacher and a master such as George might have does not make one a Catholic or even a Christian. Those people believe Jesus to be their savior and there is a difference between a savior and a teacher).
George made many Anti-catholic statements as well as songs like P2 VAtican blues and Horse to Water (both later in his life).
He also made many anti-Catholic and Christianity comments. My favorite I read in Dark Horse where when George was studying the form of meditating under the maharishi with his given mantra, he stated that he preferred these Eastern beliefs where one seeks the answers themselves and practices the mantra to attain enlightenment. He stated he wasn't into Christianity with a priest saying, "I'm it, just listen to what I say." (I'm rereading that book now after 20 years and I'll find the exact quote and where it came from).
His account is true to the difference between the two practices.
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