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Originally Posted by beatlebangs1964 View Post
My church, which is the Catholic church uses George's music for many of our prayer meetings, Bible studies and discussion groups. "Dear One" is one of our favorites as it is a beautiful prayer set to music.

George BROUGHT people together and brought many closer to God and that is one reason why I really love him.
I agree, BB! I think almost everyone loves George... it doesn't matter what religion they are. How could anyone not love George! :D

I'm super looking forward to this movie for so many reasons. I mentioned one thing I hope they cover is George's thoughts and feelings on Jesus. That's because I haven't read as much about that aspect of his life.

But also, I'd love to know what he didn't resonate with as well. I don't care if he and I agree or disagree... I just want it straight... what he liked, loved, valued... I will love him for those things. I don't care if I disagree with some of them.... I want to love him for who he really IS and not some concept I might have of him. I want the real him! :)

That's what's so exciting about the movie. This is the thing I've always been the most fascinated with about George- his spirituality. I want to know if he met Srila Narayana Maharaja... I wanna know if he has a favorite story about Ramakrishna... I really, really want to know his thoughts about Babaji, he refered to him lots. Swami Sivananda is amazing... and George posted his thoughts on daily bread. What did he think about the split between ISKCON and SRF, on a spiritual level, not political- explore ISKCON's experience of a personal God as opposed to SRF's experience of an impersonal God. Buddhism... what books did George love there? Did he meet the Dalai Lama? On and on and on.... oh my gosh... this is what I'd have loved to know... so much more...
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