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Originally Posted by misfittoy View Post
It also just bugs me how Christians can't accept that they admire someone like George who clearly never was a Christian yet had admirable traits. guess what? There are other beliefs and religions in the world. and some of them are valid too. and some of those people YOU MAY EVEN ADMIRE. IF that's a sin, then get a new religion.
Really? There's other religions in the world other than Christianity? When did this happen?

Not sure where this is coming from. I'm a Christian and I accept George for who he was as a person, not as someone who followed a religion other than Christianity. I know people of several faiths that admire George.

This thread, just like the Dhani project is now drifting away from it's original purpose.

If we want to discuss it further, I suggest we start a new thread and leave this one for those who want to discuss LITMW. Just a thought.
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