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Originally Posted by misfittoy View Post
What's the name of the saint? (Personally, I believe most of the early followers of Jesus were Essenes.)

Catholics treated me like crap while growing up. They didn't accept me nor want me around yet my Catholic parents kept throwing me among them and forcing me to stay there. I still suffer that emotional trauma from it and I notice how now they bug me and say I am one of them when their numbers dwindle. (I say, "You didn't want me then. You can't have me now)

It also just bugs me how Christians can't accept that they admire someone like George who clearly never was a Christian yet had admirable traits. guess what? There are other beliefs and religions in the world. and some of them are valid too. and some of those people YOU MAY EVEN ADMIRE. IF that's a sin, then get a new religion.
Gosh, there is so much hostility here recently, it seems one cannot even have a nice conversation. Maybe there is something in the water here at the Palace...

I'm sorry you experienced bad things from the Catholic church. Fact is, and it will always be true, ANY time you have ANY group of people, there will be imperfect people and imperfect actions. This is because ... people are imperfect, and as a result, they can be hurtful.

That means people have been hurt in Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism (poor Tibet monks!), and even in private spiritual gatherings with non-denominations. It's just how it is. The saying is... "show me a perfect religion and I'll be sure not to join... I would surely ruin it!"

Anyway, Toy, you don't really know my path, so it's pretty funny you assume I am closed minded. I read from all religions... lookie at my signiture... it's MJ with the words "ONE" and around the globe are all the symbols of all faiths.

I was just making convo really, and trying to be nice to you? I am sorry that I seemed to have offended you.

Now... about your statement George could not be Hindu/Krishna AND Christian, well, this is blatantly untrue. In fact, Srila Prabhupada himself said it is the same to chant Hare Christos. And in India, many devotees worship Jesus. Deepak said George loved Christ and in fact "had a deeply personal relationship with Him." George signed his name with an Om and a Cross. The cross he added in the mid 80's... before that it was just the Om.

Anyway, peace to you....
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