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Originally Posted by Hari's Chick View Post
Do you wanna hear soemthing interesting? There is a Catholic saint who had visions of Mary and the Holy Family... and she said Saint Anne was an Essene... and so Mary also. The Catholic church made her a Saint and validated these visions! Cool, huh?
What's the name of the saint? (Personally, I believe most of the early followers of Jesus were Essenes.)

Catholics treated me like crap while growing up. They didn't accept me nor want me around yet my Catholic parents kept throwing me among them and forcing me to stay there. I still suffer that emotional trauma from it and I notice how now they bug me and say I am one of them when their numbers dwindle. (I say, "You didn't want me then. You can't have me now)

It also just bugs me how Christians can't accept that they admire someone like George who clearly never was a Christian yet had admirable traits. guess what? There are other beliefs and religions in the world. and some of them are valid too. and some of those people YOU MAY EVEN ADMIRE. IF that's a sin, then get a new religion.
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