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Default Questions answered in "Living in the Material World"..?

Are there any kinds of things you are hoping Scorsese will explore in Living in the Material World?

I have heaps of questions and hopes.

One thing I have wondered about is the rumor about George converting to Christianity just before he passed. We know that George had chanting of the Maha Mantra and pictures of Rama and Krishna... also had HH Mukunda Goswami and Shymasundar das with him. His memorial service was held at Self Realization Fellowship, and I spoke with the monastic who was George's friend, who also gave that service. He never mentioned a conversion story, but that's not to say it could not have happened.

Maybe George took on a more liberal definition of the word conversion.

I'd love to know more about it though. What I would love to know is if... the Daily Bread on George's website was inspired by the devotional Christian booklet given to George at the races. Evangelist Luis Palau said George gleened a lot from that Christian booklet. Did he lift the title for that part of his website? He once had on that section an inspirational quote from Swami Sivananda on the Daily Bread.

I know George was fond of the Gospel of Thomas, also. I'd love to hear more about his interest in that.
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