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Default The Beatles at The Saville Theater to see Jimi Hendrix and The Experience, 1967

The Beatles at The Saville Theater to see Jimi Hendrix and The Experience, 1967

I found this pic of The Beatles at the Saville Theater in 1967 when I was looking for info about Jimi Hendrix playing Sgt.Pepper there on June 4, 1967. The theater was owned by Brian Epstein. The Beatles shot their "Hello, Goodbye" video there in November, 1967.

So, this pic I came across, seemed to indicate in the caption that this was taken when Jimi was doing Sgt.Pepper. Paul was cleanshaven in mid-May, 1967 at the Sgt.Pepper release party. The date of Hendrix playing at the Saville was June 4, 1967. This photo had to be taken in the earlier part of 1967 while Sgt.Pepper was being recorded.
Well, I did some research. The photo was taken at the debut of Jimi Hendrix and The Experience at the Saville Theatre. That would have been on January 29, 1967.
On June 4, 1967, only Paul and George were in attendance to see Jimi and The Experience play Sgt.Pepper at the Saville.

The Beatles, with Mal Evans, at the Saville Theatre, London in early 1967. Who is the guy on the left? Is that Jane Asher or Cynthia Lennon wearing the shades?

January 29, 1967--On a Sunday “Soundarama” presentation at the Saville Theatre, Brian Epstein presents in two shows, The Who, Jimi Hendrix Experience (on their theatre debut), The Koobas, and The Thoughts. Epstein and The Beatles attend.
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