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I used to think Dylan was the great rock and roll scam as a kid. I thought he had a horrible voice and his songs were bloated word salad. I found him through a musical journey that started w John Mellencamp. I liked him because in an era of shitty spandex, poodle hair, shrieking metal, he had a raw, organic sound and he looked like me w the jeans and tee shirt and the shaggy hair. From there I discovered Springsteen who was a more storied artist and whose songs cast a much bigger shadow. And from there I moved on to Van Morrison. This was something far more sophisticated and transcendent. And that's where I heard Baby Blue. I thought "This is Bob Dylan, eh?". The switch was flipped. That was 10 years ago and I'm still learning Bob's catalog and enjoying it like a first generation fan did. Standing in the Doorway from Time Out of Mind is currently haunting my subconscious.

I'll be seeing him in a couple weeks at the Ryman in Nashville.

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