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Bob Dylan will release the 9th edition of his bootleg series in October.
‘The Bootleg Series Volume 9 – The Witmark Demos’ features the first official release of 47 Dylan tracks recorded as demos for this first music publisher Leeds Music in 1962 and for his second M. Witmark & Sons between 1962 and 1964.
The collection features early versions of now classics ‘Mr Tambourine Man’, ‘Blowin In The Wind’ and ‘The Times They Are A-Changing’, all recorded before Dylan turned 24 years old.
15 of the songs were recorded for the demos but never made their way to Dylan albums.
As well as ‘The Witmark Demos’, Sony will also reissue Dylan’s first eight albums in their original mono mixes as a box set. The eight albums start with the March 1962 debut self-titled album and go through to 1967’s ‘John Wesley Harding’ record. Each disc features its own individual jacket replicated from the original artwork.
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