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Default Revolution radio bootleg review. A Day In The Life.

Something i had planned to do, but never got around to.
A little discusion about the curent bootleg Jerry has put on Revolution radio.
Curent bootleg - Yellow Dog. The Beatles - A Day In The Life .

1. A Day In The Life - RS 1
2. A Day In The Life - RS 2
3. A Day In The Life - RS 3
4. A Day In The Life - RS 4
5. A Day In The Life - RS 5
6. A Day In The Life - RS 6
7. A Day In The Life - RS 7
8. A Day In The Life - RS 8
9. A Day In The Life - RS 9
10. Norwegian Wood (Intro)
11. Lady Madonna (Overdub Mix)
12. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
13. Because (Vocals)
14. Rain
15. Lady Madonna
16. Hey Jude

Little is of real interest here imo. On one hand it's nice to have the "A Day in The life" takes, or rather just different mixes of the same take together, on the other hand I find it dificult to listen to it all with most of the tracks just breaking down after a minute.

It all sounds a little bit better, and it all is a little bit more complete with take announcements and more pre song talk. But nothing is really new, who needs to have the vocals version of "Because" one more time, or the acoustic "While My Guitar Gently Weeps".
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