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I watched on BBC iPlayer. I found it fascinating from start to finish. Early on we see him visiting his oboe teacher from the '50s, when he was at the Guildhall School of Music. She was Margaret Eliot, the mother of Jane Asher and Peter Asher, and she died two months ago, aged 97. George told her he hadn't played the oboe for years, and she said she still played, and offered to give him a lesson for nothing. Grand old lady.

It's frightening to think how close he came to turning the Beatles down. He said no to Brian Epstein after listening to the demo tapes, and only relented because Brian was so downcast. George liked him personally, and let his heart rule his head. He said he'd hold off on his decision until Brian brought the lads down from Liverpool to do some live sessions in the studio.... On another day, in another mood, he might not have made the offer. What a terrible thought.

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