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Default Re: "Mystery man" in Abbey Road\'s cover revealed

Originally Posted By Blackguard:
Well, now all we have to do is find out who the other people between Paul and George are.
<font size="2" face="Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif">From Keith Badman's 'The Beatles: Off the Record' (p.459/460): -

'On (the) left-hand side of the street, seen above Paul's head, are three men in white overalls...

Mrs N. C. Seagrove: 'It wasn't until years after the 'Abbey Road' LP was produced that my husband discovered he is on the album cover. Derek was 31, and working for the decorating firm Fassnidge, Son & Morris, based in Uxbridge, when the picture was taken. He's the one on the right of the three men in white overalls on the left-hand pavement. The other two are his work-mates, Alan Flanagan and Steve Millwood. They were doing a decorating job in Abbey Road studios and were coming back after a lunch break when the picture was taken. They hung around just to be nosey. Derek thought if it was used, he and his mates would be edited out.'

While, on the right-hand-side pavement, pictured between Ringo and John, stands a very tall man...

Jo Poole: 'At 21, I was a dedicated Beatles fan, and bought the 'Abbey Road' album the moment it was released. As soon as I saw the cover, I shouted, 'That's my brother, Tony.' He was 33, and was very distinctive at six feet four inches tall. Tony Staples was his name and he lived in Scott Ellis Gardens, near Abbey Road, and regularly saw the occasional Beatle, though catching a glimpse of all four Beatles together was rare, even in Abbey Road. He was on his way to work as an administrative secretary for the National Farmers Union on the Friday morning when that photo was taken. I used to travel regularly from my home in Gloucestershire to visit Tony in St. John's Wood, and I remember him pointing out Paul McCartney's house.'
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