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When I first gave this a spin I didn't think it was anything special. I've listened to it about 10 times now and it's grown on me a lot! I thought New was a brilliant song when I first heard it a month back, never got the dislike for that one. The whole album sounds like Paul just kicking back and having fun, rather than Chaos and Memory which I feel are over-produced. Save Us, Early Days, New, Everybody Out There, I Can Bet and Road are my favourites, and like someone else said Appreciate is probably the only song I don't fully appreciate (though to be serious, it reminds me a lot of Gratitude from MAF, which I think is the weakest on that album too). Overall a pretty good listen, I probably prefer Electric Arguments slightly more though, hopefully it's not another 6 years before another 'proper' Paulie album!

Originally Posted by ABCKO View Post
Other than Paul, who else plays on "Scared"

By the way, is "Scared" the first case of Paul and John (or any other two Beatles ?) each writing/recording an ORIGINAL song with the same title ?

There was of course Paul's "She's my baby" ("Wings at the speed of sound") but the second song of that title wasn't a "George" song per say, but rather as a Traveling Wilbury
The only one I can think of that comes close is With the Beatles' 'Hold Me Tight' and the song of the same name from 'Red Rose Speedway'.
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