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Default I Don't Wanna Sleep Alone

Wow, Snoopy! I never heard this one either!!! Oh I love it. I know it's the basic chord structure/melody for "Help Me To Help Myself," which is one of my favorites of all time. However, this one is really more sad/lonely and child-like in it's lyrical presentation. I love the end part when he sings, "mama and daddy." I don't know WHAT he means. But it still sort of touche my heart...thank you so much for sharing this!!

well I tried to call you on the phone
but your answering service keep on telling me
you left home
But I know
deep inside
you were only
trying to hide
oh yeah...

What you doing to me?
What you trying to do to me?

I don't want to sleep alone
I don't want to sleep alone

I tried so hard to get to sleep
But the shadows on the ceiling
keep on haunting me in my dreams
But I know deep inside
they would only live inside
Oh yeah...

Oh mommy and daddy
mama, mama and daddy
Oh mommy and daddy, please, please, please
I don't want to sleep alone
It's scary to sleep alone
"Let me live in you..." ~ John Lennon
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