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Originally Posted by Apple Scruff View Post

What's your personal take on Into The Sun and Friendly Fire? How would you say their alike/different?

And have you ever listened to his work with Cibo Matto?

Check out these out: "Know Your Chicken" (check out that boy on bass) "Working For Vacation" (great live vid) Cibo Matto joining Sean for his great song "Home"
Well I will have to relisten to both of those albums before making a comparison. But those 3 videos were very interesting! I esp. liked the 2nd one, though the chicken song is awfully cute! Man, Sean CAN wail on that bass, can't he? I thought the one girl was hot, the one with sunglasses on her head in that 1st vdo. I'll have to check out more Cibo Matto! (I swear the one girl's scream is the same one on The Flaming Lips "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (Pt. 2)")

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