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Those Simpson Stinkers, Ashbin and Just Atrocious.

Celine, cushion faced Mariah and Christina Aguilera.

I cannot stand screamy, whiny country music. I
can tolerate Shania, but I simply cannot stand
her 1995 toilet filler, "Any Man of Mine." I hate
the violins.

"Jingle Bell Rock" sounds like "Jingle Hell Shock"
to me. I hate it!

The 1964 atrocity "The Name Game." That is just
a psychotic word salad that is nothing more than
toilet filler. I hate it!

I'm no fan of Titney, who couldn't sing her way out
of a green Chevrolet. She is really atrocious!

Wheezer's stinker "Beverly Hills" and another
stinker I cannot stand is "Unbelievable."

I love the Beatles, but I hate "Birthday" and
I really think "I'm Down" stinks a big one!

I like Abba, but I hate 1977's "Dancing
Queen." I never liked that song.

No 4 Tops for me! Ever!
No Knack for me, please.

I am no fan of Paula Cole.

I don't like most jazz; I hate reggae, disco,
calypso, rap/hip hop and most punk.

Many lounge lizards don't exactly appeal to me either.

No Dean Martin for me, please.
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