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Originally Posted by beatlebangs1964 View Post
Peanut, I don't care much for tattoos either and I agree that Miley Cyrus wouldn't know style and class if they hit her in the face. I wish the Duke & Duchess of Sussex all the best. Harry is all right. He has a good heart. He is Diana's son all right.

What is NTM?
I think both couples are sweet. William and Harry lucked out in marrying women who really love them. I know the Queen and Prince Phillip are happy considering all the drama over 20 years ago. That is sad, Diana did not live to see her boys grow up. However I think Charles did a great job. Despite everything in his personal life, I respect him. That was so touching to watch him walk Meghan down the aisle. My heart went out to Harry when he broke down at the altar, while thinking of his mom. I read Wills cried too. She lives in their hearts. Her grandchildren are adorable. They stole the show at the wedding. The royal portrait is beautiful!

I recently found out Stella loaned Orpah her pink outfit since she changed her mind about the outfit she intended to wear. I know Orpah and Paul have been friends for many years. Did anyone think the laughing was rude when the couple stated their vows. Some think it was due to the shock Harry is finally settling down. Either way, it was rude and surprising.

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