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Originally Posted by johnnymain View Post
I've been visiting Liverpool on and off for over twenty years and the city council have much improved their marketing of Liverpool as "The Home of The Beatles" since then.
I'm aware of the Council's recent re-vamping of the Beatles myth but I was talking more about the past in regards to tearing down and filling in Beatle sites although in the name of progress these things need to be done at times but then again to fill in the original Cavern to make way for the underground tube station then change the route what was the point to then make a car park?

Why was the Original Cavern Club demolished in 1973 to became a car park?

Dave talked with me about how interest in the Beatles musical history started in Liverpool, and why the original Cavern Club was demolished in 1973, despite it being the birthplace of the Beatles, where they played 292 times from February 3rd, 1961 to August 3rd, 1963. They were discovered by Manager Brian Epstein at the Cavern on November 9th, 1961. Brian obtained their first recording contract with EMI in June 1962 and then engineered their commerical success.

Dave told me, "The catalyst for the tourism explosion in Liverpool was John Lennon's death in 1980, and people came to Liverpool to find out more about the Beatles and their history. There was a big surge in people coming to Liverpool after John's death in the early 1980's. Unfortunately the Cavern club was closed and demolished in 1973 and became a car park because of a "compulsory purchase order" by the government, to make room for a ventilation shaft for the underground train which was never built.

"Back in 1973, Liverpool was on its knees and the Beatles cultural heritage wasn't a priority, since the Beatles had broken up in 1970. The site of the Cavern Club was still undeveloped in 1981, but in 1984 a new Cavern Club was built nearby using the same bricks from the old Cavern Club." Which I guess is better than nothing.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed walking the streets and being in Liverpool far more that the tribute bands at The Adelphi.

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