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Default Beatles Closed-Circuit D.C. Poster


I saw The Beatles first concert in D.C. and a month later when I found out it was going to be the FIRST closed-circuit Rock Concert EVER (AND... that we might be able to see ourselves and relive the moment again) I had to see it!

So, in March of 1964 we trekked to a theatre in Philly and enjoyed the boys first concert once more.

I BEGGED the manager to let me have this HUGE 4 foot by 5 foot poster that was behind this beautiful, locked, brass display box. He said NO to me before, during, and after the film.

I went back the next day, NOT to see the show, but to get him to give me the poster for my bedroom!

He said it had to be sent back... my argument was that it would never be used again, that it was just playing in some chosen movie houses across America, and no one would want it. They'd only throw it out.

Well, I nagged a bit more and he finally turned to me and said, "YES!!!!!!!"... on one condition. That I NEVER came back to his theatre again!

I promised... he unlocked the poster after the show and it hung on my wall for a few years until I took it down and finally found it just a few weeks ago in a box with lotsa old teen stuff from the 60s.

I have no idea what it's worth. It's being restored a bit, but the overall condition is excellent.

Any ideas what it's worth????

I have been asked and asked, and I'm clueless.

Won't you please, please HELP me. :)

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