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because there are those of us who like sex and see it as an important part of our lives and not just the way the Puritans believe it should be.
I know that I am a healthier person due to my expression of my sexuality.

After the sexual revolution with the pill we had the feminist movement reminding guys that sex wasn't all about just them (as it always is in every culture) and that they better make sure it's good for the woman as well. (Note: Women not girls) It's up to the women to educate, teach and change a man's views on their sexuality.

Female sexuality is still frowned upon unless it's either lesbians being lesbians for a man's pleasure or closed only to lesbians. But there's more to female sexuality then that. (The bible doesn't even forbid lesbianism anywhere. only men with men). the Japanese have an idea with their slash bookstores for women.

Yes, there is such a thing as responsible sexuality. COmplete with birth control for those who have sex acts that might lead to pregancy (not all of them do) and disease prevention plus medical treatment.

As for rape charges and unwanted pregnancy...that's what happens when you DON'T have sex education. a complete sex education.

The sexuality of the Beatles is a part of the Beatles. It was a large draw along with the music. and it wasn't all bad. Some girls recall their affairs fondly.
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