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Our son Julian was born on the morning of Monday April 8. John was touring and couldn’t get away to see me for three days. He came into the hospital like a whirlwind, racing through the doors. He kissed me then looked at his son with tears in his eyes: “Cyn, he’s bloody marvellous! He’s fantastic . . . Who’s going to be a famous little rocker like his dad, then?” Word got round that John was there, and dozens of patients and staff gathered. He hugged me and signed dozens of autographs on his way out.

When Julian was three weeks old Brian invited John to go to Spain with him. It was a holiday John came to regret because it sparked off a string of rumours about their relationship. He had to put up with sly digs, winks and innuendo that he was secretly gay. It infuriated him.

A few weeks after they got back, Paul had his 21st birthday party in his aunt’s back garden. By then the Beatles had released a third single, From Me to You, which went straight to number one. At the party the boys’ old friend Bob Wooler, MC at the Cavern club, made a crack to John about his holiday.

John, who’d had plenty to drink, exploded. He leapt on Bob and by the time he was dragged off Bob had a black eye and badly bruised ribs. I took John home as fast as I could, and Brian drove Bob to hospital.

I was appalled that John had lashed out again. I’d thought those days were over. But John was still livid, muttering that Bob had called him a queer. A day or two later when he had cooled down he was ashamed. He kept repeating, “Oh, God, Cyn, what have I done?” He sent Bob a telegram saying, “Really sorry Bob stop terribly worried to realise what I had done stop what more can I say John Lennon”.

Claims have been made since that Brian and John did have a gay relationship. Nothing could be further from the truth. John was 100% heterosexual and, like most lads at that time, horrified by the idea of homosexuality.

Some accounts also claim that Brian was in love with John. I don’t believe this for a second.

The bond between them was one of mutual respect and friendship. Brian could see John’s intelligence and distinctive talent. John appreciated Brian’s business ability and his ambition for the group. They both wanted the Beatles to be the biggest thing since Elvis and were hell bent on making it happen.
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