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Originally Posted by Apple Scruff View Post
There really isn't any words to such a beautiful, tender picture. I love it so much. Thanks 4iiiis! I first saw this in the "LennonNYC" documentary and it stayed with me. Obviously, it was a personal family shot that was kept private for a long time, and probably only released in the documentary as something "new" to offer fans. But it's simply beautiful. John looks so much like Beatle John, and Sean is just precious. He looks to be in total bliss. I can't help but feel very bittersweet when I see pictures like this, taken in 1980.
Yeah, I think it's one of the cutest picture of John & Sean I've ever seen I just wished it would exist in better quality... still, it's a beautiful and very personal shot.

But like you, I also feel bittersweet every time I see it, as it was taken in 1980.

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