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Default Box Sets: Special Amazon Availability Message

Collectible box sets take time to manufacture, and initial quantities must be determined well in advance of the product release date. In this case, demand has far outstripped initial supply. While we predicted that the box sets would be highly popular items, we had to work with the inventory allocated to us by the manufacturer.

We've been carefully tracking pre-orders, and we updated the product availability information on our site as soon as our initial allocations were depleted. We did this in order to ensure that we could fill all pre-orders without exceeding our allocation limits.

We will receive more stereo box sets. The manufacturer has informed us that they will be producing additional mono box sets due to high demand. While the mono box set will still remain a limited production item, it will no longer be limited to 10,000 copies for the U.S. market, as originally reported.

We will soon have more mono box sets back in stock.

We will likely have limited quantities, so check back here often for the latest information, or check your email frequently to make sure that you don't miss out.

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