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Default 1963-06-01 - BBC Radio - The Beatles

June 1, 1963 - 1:30 P.M.-5:30 P.M.
The Beatles
Interviewed By Lee Peters
BBC Paris Studio, London, United Kingdom
Broadcast June 11, 1963, 5:00-5:29 P.M. On BBC Light Programme, Pop Go The Beatles #2

LEE PETERS: There's always too much monkey business on these sessions, but now John has his work cut out on the next one, as he takes the guitar on and off his neck, and pulls the harmonica in and out of his face.
JOHN: Harp, it's a harp.
LEE PETERS: What's a harp?
JOHN: Uh, the harp. I'm playing a harp in this one.
LEE PETERS: Playing a harp?
JOHN: Harmonica I play in "Love Me Do", harp in this one, little. Mouth organ. Harp.
LEE PETERS: Do you want to do these announcements?
JOHN: No. Where's he going?
LEE PETERS: No, you go ahead, that's all right. Tell them about the next song!
JOHN: Ah oh, we'd like to carry on with Chuck Berry's, "I've Got To Find Baby", I don't know where she's been... pardon, hello? I love these goon shows.

LEE PETERS: I thought the next number was called "Sha La La La La".
JOHN: You're joking.
LEE PETERS: La. But, in fact, "Baby It's You".
JOHN: Why don't you do it in your famous James Mason impersonation voice?
GEORGE: Go on.
JOHN: Go on, do it in your...
LEE PETERS: All right, I thought this next number was called "Sha La La La La", but in fact, "Baby It's You". Was that all right?
JOHN: Very good. Do you do Mickey Mouse?
JOHN: There you go.
LEE PETERS: All right, sing the song, fellas.
JOHN: Okay, let's go.

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