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Originally Posted by FPSHOT View Post
p.s. to the moderator here - I am being insulted by various people here in various posts and you do nothing about it, not that I care but the level of this forum is below normal.
FP, I think most people are responding to you because they respect you and your opinion. If they thought you were bad things, then no one would respond to you.

Don't you feel people have given your concerns a lot of thought?

I know you love George, and I know your heart is well intentioned here. I know you can be so much fun, too, lighthearted and funny. I know all this about you.

I guess when you post this criticism, it can appear like you are critical of people who really ALSO love George, as Lucy pointed out. It's just current news. So there really is no harm in discussing current news. There may be things in the documentary which we didn't know, and maybe the press will have a field day with it all. Then what should we do?

There is no *one way* to 'best' love George. We can be like a prism here, all shining George's love from different angles. It will make the love richer, since it's many sided.

Everyone play nice now and let's love one another like Georgie says.
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