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Originally Posted by FPSHOT View Post
well that is what a song is supposed to do?

It will be strange coming from me but maybe have a listen to the lyrics.... they are quite cool and this techno sound...well at the time I have heard much more annoying technical things being brought in to songs and just that techno thing with the voice turning round is what made the song (also) so unique...I believe

And as to personal issues, I think one should know a bit more about an artist to comment on that than by what he or she wears in a song clip. I kinda think the song Cher does with half of the navy behind her and luckily not in some ocean for weird reason is very cool. As what she wears ...

I agree! Sometimes if we know a little more about the person who is singing it, we can understand a perspective and like any certain song... whereas before it may not have appealed to us. I like the concept of broadening horizons through chat... it is useful and interesting.
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