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Originally Posted by Ringo77
I had always hoped that McFarlane would produce produce action figures from the the "real" Beatles' likenesses, like they've done with other music legends. They could do different series as the Beatles' looks changed: like the "Mop-Tops in clean suits" series and then the "Rubber Soul/Revolver" series, the "Sgt. Pepper" series, the "White Album 8x10's" series, the "Rooftop Concert" series, and the "Tittenhurst Park photo session" series.

In each series the Beatles would come with their most famous instruments that they played at that time (ex. "Rooftop Concert Series" Ringo would come with his Hollywood kit, etc...)

As you can probably tell, I've put too much thought into this!!!
Good God! I'd go broke!

Ok, I am going to post pics of my McFarlane Yellow Sub figures as soon as I get home tonight. Had my camera with me today, and figured it was the perfect opportunity.

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