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Total Nonsense, and your brother is not a very reliable source AT ALL!!

The show was nearly 2 and half hours and Ringo was onstage the WHOLE TIME!!

Both you and your brother are obviously unaware of the All Starr Band - something Ringo has been touring with FOR NEARLY 25 YEARS NOW!! The concept is very simple - Ringo gets up does his Beatles and solo numbers, then goes round the band with each member performing their own hits, with Ringo and the rest of the band backing them. Ringo does some more, and everyone gets the chance to shine. Ringo is onstage the WHOLE 2 and half hours playing drums or up front singing, save for Black Magic Woman. 30 Mins?! Come on.. try 2 and half hours!!It is a completly unique concept and you wont see anything like it elsewhere.

As for the band not being known to the public, Steve Lukather is the driving force behind TOTO, and one of the finest guitarists in the world recently playing as part of G3 with Steve Vai and Satriani! Todd Rundgren?! Absolute legend from the 70's! Greg Rollie - founding member and Original Vocalist for both Journey and Santana - 2 of the biggest bands of all time! Surely your brother has heard of them?! Richard Page from Mister Mister maybe not as huge but had some great hits in the 80's and All Starr Mainstays Mark Rivera and Gregg Bisonette are both excellent. I must also say IMO this is probably the best all starr lineup since the 1997 tour..

I caught both shows in NZ so saw this very tour and rate it as one of the best concerts ive ever seen. Ringo was bounding with energy and youd never believe he was in his early 70's..

Dont believe everything your brother tells you. Anyone that had done even the tiniest bit of research, or even looked at the show poster they were going to would see who the band was and what bands theyare from, its not rocket science and you dont need to be a music expert to know who they are or the songs they are responsible for..

It even says "Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band" on the Ticket!!
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