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Default The Great Profile

Found this on some random non-Beatles blog:

If the Rock music world gave its people names like Hollywood did its Golden Era film stars, John Lennon would have to be dubbed "The Great Profile", la John Barrymore.

Since 1964, when I saw this profile shot of John singing "I Should've Known Better" in the baggage cage of a train in the Beatles' first film, A Hard Day's Night, I was hooked on his face. Before then, I'd never really noticed his looks. Unlike most Beatles fans, I was actually listening to the music, learning their songs on my guitar.

As the Beatle years progressed, John's face grew ever more distinctive. That stern nose with the sneering curl on each side, the quick eyes, the intellectual, sarcastic wit that showed--all the components of John's face made him a fascinating person to look at.

To me, his face was ultimately intelligent, and while the other Beatles' faces were cute, sexy, and doleful, John's had a light that bespoke the genius that lay beneath the moptop hair and the flashing photo op smile.

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