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Default 1964-02-08 - BBC Radio - The Beatles

February 8,1964
The Beatles
Interviewed By Malcolm Davids
Plaza Hotel, New York City, New York, United States
BBC Radio - Saturday Club

MALCOLM DAVIDS: And that was how New York welcomed The Beatles. They were obviously overwhelmed with their reception, and indeed they had every reason to be.
PAUL: Paul here. It's fantastic, you know, 'cause we just really didn't beleive it. So, leaving England, and the great send-off from England, we thought, Well,they couldn't be as good as that. But, when we arrived ,you know, they were just sort of hanging all over the airport. Yeah,and we were just sort of driving along and listening to the D.J.'s show on the radio, and as we were going along,he was reporting it, and the fellow's reporting ,(goes into American accent), "And in 20 minutes time, we are going to switch over to the Plaza Hotel ,New York". (Back to normal) You know ,it's great,marvelous, and just as we were getting out of the car,he said (Back into American accent), "And we hear they've arrived now". Fantastic, you know. Now off to Lennon.
JOHN: They're wild.(laughs) They're all wild. They just seem to get... maybe it's just the first impression,but they just seem all out of their minds. They've got so many programmes,and we're on all of the news. It's ridiculous. Ringo?
RINGO: Well,we had this big ,mass,press interview,with, oh, about 100 people there,you know,and then we got out of that,and we had a Cadillac each. Here's George now.
GEORGE: You know,in--in New York, the three records, "Please Please Me","She Loves You", and "I Want To Hold Your Hand", are all Number One,joint.
MALCOM DAVIDS: New Yorkers are now without doubt,beseiged with Beatlemainia. This is Malcolm Davids in New York,now back to Brian Matthews and Saturday Club in London.

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