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Originally Posted by Maia 66 View Post
Paul should have expected no less from John... although the lyrics on HDYS do make me cringe a bit, I completely understand where his reaction came from. Paul's little digs were presented in a way where Paul could claim plausible deniability... a specialty of his. And that is friggin' annoying. Yeah, John's reaction was pretty heavy-handed, but hell... what else do you expect from John Lennon.
Paul McCartney is the King of passive aggression. Even as a kid, unravelling threads from the draperies when his parents ticked him off.

That had to be a quality that absolutely annoyed the HELL out of John Lennon, who just was who he was and said what he said and paid the price for it. If nothing else, John's method with dealing with angry, hurt, nasty feelings has the virtue of being honest, which to me is a more admirable quality than feeling secretly as nasty and angry inside and resorting to passive aggressive, sneaky ways to express those feelings and coming out smelling like a rose to society as a whole. UGH.

On the other hand, Paul must have often gotten just as annoyed with John who just said whatever was in his mind and acted out, possibly damaging the group's reputation, which Paul most likely felt the responsibility and pressure to rectify: "Gawdammit, he makes another freaking mess that I get stuck cleaning up," or thoughts of that nature. I'm sure he has probably thought, many times, that in some ways John was incredibly naive and trusting and lacking in strategy, and yet got the credit for being the "Smart" one. That probably stuck in Paul's craw quite a bit.

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