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Default Re: Are you a Beatle Girl?

The John Type: Unpredicable, funny, and very blunt. This boy always knows how to make you laugh and you never know when he'll be doing something crazy to get your attention. He's very loving and very protective of his girl, when someone says something hurtful about the one he loves, he'll be sure to shut them up. His creativity will never stop, whether it be through words or drawings, he'll usually whip up something to get his feelings across. Though he likes to play with words, and sometimes he'll say things that are very blunt he's only doing it to get a reaction.

Ah, the perfect man! The one thing I value more than anything in a man is a sense of humor. My boyfriend Nate is an expert at making me laugh, and so is sexy Johnny! I'm having SO much fun writing this character for my story!

... she will cry when she learns we are two...if I fell in love with you ...

"Does your wife like it when you give flowers to strange girls?"
"Only when they're as strange as you, Frenchie!"

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