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Default Alternate Beatles Song Titles Part IV

Welcome to the new and improved Alternate Titles Game. We are going to change up the rules a little here. Starting now the top two to identify the correct song titles will start a new round. Each one will only have to come up with five alternate titles.

Since there was a tie for second in the last round in the previous thread, this round will have three members posting five titles a piece. I have already sent word to DizzyMissLizzy909, SF4-EVER and LittleDarlin909 to only come up with five titles. SF4-EVER and LittleDarlin909, tied for second in the last round, will also come up with five titles each.

Look forward to seeing everyone here enjoy our new version of this game. Fifteen songs in this inaugural round to kick things off.

Let the games begin! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]
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