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For those of you like Nowhere man who don't understand my story here it is once again. I haven't given up on you guys I just have been busy preparing for Beatlefest.
Dear Sir or Madam,
I want to be a paperback writer. Won't you please, please help me?
Where did the Music Go? That's what I wanted to know. I am speaking of The Beatles original scores or sheet music with guitar tablature and piano. It is not found in most most music books that are published today, all of which are published by Hal Leonard Publishing. In fact, Hal Leonard publishing is basically deleting them from existence. I say this because of what they said to me. Let me tell you a little story about the past four years of my life.
I am a guitarist. I don't know how to read music but I can understand guitar tablature because it shows you where to put your fingers on the guitar fret board. I wanted to learn how to play the Beatles and I happened to be over at friends house one day about 4 years ago and noticed he had a Beatles Music Book which was called "Beatles Complete". It was a Warner Bros. publication from 1976 I believe. I asked if I could borrow it. He said sure, but most of the songs are wrong. I didn't think much about it at the time, but was happy to take it, as it was my only reference. Well, when I got home and tried to play along with my cd, I understood what he said about the music being wrong. I tried a few more songs and a few of them sounded correct but I ran into more songs that sounded wrong. Well I picked out the ones that were correct and practiced playing those. Time went on and I still was hungry to learn all the songs that were written wrong in the book I had. So I figure a good place to look would be the original sheet music. That surely must have the correct notation. I do some research and find out, I have the original sheet music. Well, what the hell is wrong? Am I playing it wrong? I thought. I was stymied. Well time dragged on and I still couldn't figure it out. My daughter's 7th birthday came around and I bought her Yellow Submarine the cd and the movie for a gift. We enjoyed watching it over and over and over. Well at least she did. I was kind of getting sick of it because you how kids like their videos, over and over and I was still frustrated by the fact that I couldn't figure out the guitar tablature in the book" Beatles Complete". But then one day we were watching Yellow Submarine and "Only A Northern Song" came on and I listened to the lyrics and found that I had something in common with the first verse. It is as follows:
"If you're listening to this song
You may think the chords are going wrong"
And then I Thought, I think the chords are going wrong! What a coincidence and then listened to the rest of the song
"But they're not;
He Just wrote it like that.
When you're listening Late at night,
You may think the Band is not quite right.
But they are, they just play it like that.
It really doesn't matter what chords I Play,
what words I say or time of day it is
As it's only a Northern Song.
If you think the Harmony
Is a little dark and out of Key
You're correct, there's nobody there.
I then put two and two together. Northern Song Publishing was John and Paul's sheet music company, which they only owned half of, I believe. I think I heard they were a little bitter over that fact too. (more research is needed here). And the music was a little dark and out of key. It was written off key along with the harmony being off key in some instances! I got out my capo and my cds and the book "Beatles Complete" and transposed 75 songs which I thought were wrong and, I believe most of the world thought were wrong, and I made them correct with my capo and a few different guitar tunings. I was jumping for joy. I then thought what a great Idea for a book! I think this, because every Hal Leonard Publication with Beatles Music is transposed by somebody. George Harrison and George Martin did the original transposing for Northern Songs Limited, by the way. The latest being The Beatles Complete Scores which was transposed by 4 Japanese gentlemen and claims to have every song written and recorded by the Beatles. Well, I write to Hal Leonard with my Idea for a book with the capo placements and tunings and chord transposing charts so everyone can play the music any way they want. I thought they would be crazy over my theory of "Only A Northern Song" and application of that theory. I say theory because I really would have to ask one of the Beatles, wouldn't I? As 6-8 weeks go by after mailing them my manuscript I get curious and call Hal Leonard to ask them how long it would be before I had an answer. They say they never received it, yet I have a returned mail receipt saying they did receive it. Well I said I would fax them the information and to please call me as a confirmation so I can relax. They never call. It's late on a FRIDAY afternoon and I cant get a hold of anybody so I have to wait till Monday to talk to anybody. I call Monday, and the lady I have been talking to (Sally) says they still haven't received the fax,Yet I have a Fax Transmittal sheet from Kinkos saying it went through. Well later on that day sally called and said there was a mix up and they did have the request and said she would rush it to their editing department for
review. She actually seemed excited about it from what she read but the editing department would be the final decision and that would be about another 4 week wait. I waited and finally Sally called. She asked if I would be interested in selling my transpositions. I thought duh! Everybody else has. I said yes, but then she said they weren't inclined to grant 3rd party rights for this project and basically they weren't going to do anything with it unless I just gave it to them, as I understood her to say. I was basically just hung up on after that. I couldn't believe it . I made the greatest musical discovery of the century and they wont do anything with it! What is wrong with this. While I was waiting to hear from Sally at Hal Leonard publishing I discovered another 24 songs(+ the 75 I sent)=99 were off key (out of 192 songs in "Beatles Complete") and called her with the news of my discovery and still nothing. I was crushed. I couldn't figure out why they wouldn't want this news to be printed. It would bring joy to every guitarist and Pianist who ever tried to play a Beatles song and thought it was wrong.
That there, I think is the problem. That would be telling the truth and I think in this case, the truth will hurt a lot of people. Think about it. This finding, blows holes through most every music book with the Beatles, Hal Leonard has ever published. Especially "The Beatles Complete Scores"($60) which I told you the 4 Japanese gentleman transposed.
If you compare the two books, you'll soon find that they didn't bother looking at the original scores, because they even screw up the correct transpositions in "Beatles Complete" published by Warner Bros which is the original compilation. Upon further examination of it, you will find the claim of every song written and recorded by the Beatles.Why does Beatles Complete have twenty more songs in it than the book which claims to have every song written and recorded by the Beatles.Boy,am I opening up a can of worms or what?
What about Warner Bros.? Did they think it was a bunch of garbage too?How did this effect the sale of it, when one of your friends has bought it before you and says it's a bunch of shit. That is exactly what my friend said and practically gave me the book.(Now he wants it back.Imagine that.) Is this why they changed Publishers? And how did they, all of a sudden, with Hal Leonard change Keys,transpose the music incorrectly through the years and still keep the same copyright. I would say they kept us guessing pretty good about how to play this stuff over the years.(if they knew that it was off key beforehand) There is something to ponder. Hal Leonard has on the market today over 300 different Beatles music books, if I am not mistaken. Mind boggling, isn't it?What about The Beatles? Could this effect them in some way. I bet it does. It is my guess a lot of money changed hands over the years over this sheet music, and not just the big corporations. I'm talking about people like you and me who bought the sheet music or parents who bought it for their kids.Or kids who bought it with their allowance, expecting to get the right stuff and didn't understand about changing keys. I'd be pissed off. The book didn't come with any other directions other than what was in the music and usually misdirected you from the beginning to the end of it. It was the ultimate puzzle. It was Helter Skelter, Charlie was wrong. I really believe HELTER SKELTER was about their sheet music .I have an interpretation for that too! It's a little crazy, but here it is. If you will look at the lyrics of Helter Skelter.
"When I get to the bottom, I go back to the top of the slide"
(the bottom meaning the capo placement for "Across the Universe" which is the first entry in the table of contents and should be listed as capoed on the 2nd fret not the 3rd fret. So the Bottom is the 2nd fret capo position. The 3rd fret capo position is the slide. The next entry in the table of contents is "All I've Got to Do" and is the first piece of music in the book. This is where you go back to the top of the slide. The top of the slide being the 4th fret capo position. "All I've Got to Do". should be capoed on the 4th fret.)
"Where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride, til I get to the bottom and I see you again."
(If you stop and turn the page in the book from where you are at, which would be "All I've Got to Do". The next song in the Book is "Please Please Me" page 9, which you would have to capo the 9th fret to put it in Key. The 9th fret capo position is your ride. {John Lennon liked the number 9. Didn't he? The number 9 is a reoccurring theme through out the book. "Beatles Complete". 99 songs out of key. The last of which in the book is
"The One after 909".} The next song in the book is the bottom.Literally.
It is "Love Me Do." It is the only song, even with a capo placement,that I can't really get to sound correct.)
"Do you, don't you want me to love you?"
(Here I believe they are talking about the relationship with their fans )
"I'm coming down fast but I'm miles above you"
(This I believe is a reference to the sheet music being flat and the Beatles playing it in a much higher key)
"Tell me, tell me, tell me come on tell me the answer"
( this is a reference to the fact that no one has mentioned that the music has been printed out of key and no one has told them the answer)
"Well you may be a lover but you ain't no dancer"
(This is referring to people loving their music but not playing it and noticing that it was out of key)
"Look out for Helter Skelter"
(this is what Hal Leonard Should look out for!)
.I really believe they want to keep this hidden. George Harrison, in his Book I, Me, Mine
says" Only A Northern Song was a joke relating to Liverpool, the Holy City in the North of England
In addition, the song was copyrighted Northern Song Ltd., which I don't own so: It doesn't really what chords I play....... as it's only a Northern Song" It seems to me George is leading us away and yet toward the secret they, Paul and John are trying to keep

They left clues or should I say mislead you all through the book "Beatles Complete". The first entry in the table of contents is Across the Uni verse. The guitar tablature tells you to capo the 3rd fret, but you have to capo the 2nd fret to make it sound correct with the recording. I have even heard a recording with it capoed on the first fret but never the third. The song Every Little Thing tells you to capo the 1st fret but is actually capoed on the 7th fret. The line from Strawberry fields Forever may be a clue also." No one I think is in my tree
I mean it must be high or low(meaning the key of the music)
The clues or misleadings go on and on. One of the biggest clues for me was a prophecy I interpreted in the words to Baby You're A Rich Man. It goes like this: "How does it feel too be one of the beautiful people
(Me) Tuned to a Natural E
( Me) Happy to be that way
( Me) Now that you've found
another key
(Me) What are you going to
( hopefully me ) Baby You're a rich man
( My wife's big brown purse) You keep all you're
money in a big brown bag
( We have 4 dogs 4 cats and 2 birds ) inside a zoo.
It all fits. They were prophets I tell ya. If you are lucky enough to have a copy of "Beatles Complete", you will notice on the bottom of page 259 of Baby, You're A Rich Man that the last chord printed on the page is a C chord in the guitar tablature that looks like they had printing problems at the press, and that the last words of the first verse underneath it are"nothing that doesn't show". Is that a C chord with printing problems or if you turn it on its side, a drawing of the "Yellow Submarine" entering the "Sea of Science"in the movie "Yellow Submarine". If you watch the movie, the submarine and our boys wind up in crazy places, one of which being, the sea of science in which the submarine enters a grid like area much like the one used for guitar tablature. And then, you will never believe which song they sing after they make the statement that they are in the sea of science.Take a guess. You guessed it "Only a Northern Song". The video of "Only A Northern Song" goes along with it too. Guess what song plays in the movie after The Beatles free Sgt.Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band from the bubble they were in, and bring the music back to Pepperland. "Baby, You're a Rich Man"
They were geniuses, but they did leave a lot of empty holes ie. besides being out of key, "A Hard Days Night" is missing the first chord of the song. Do you want to Know a secret is out of key and is missing chords.In."Any time At All" the piano is listed as being in another key, as well as the piano in "I'll follow the Sun". "Things We Said Today" instructs you to tune your guitar down one Whole tone when you don't have to . It was written correctly in the first place. "Tell Me What You See is written in a different font from the rest of the book."I Want To Tell You" written by George Harrison, besides being out of key it is the only song in the book that is off in its timing. George wants to tell us something.This, plus many other examples left their sheet music wide open for interpretation. I, fortunately enough,copywrote and own the correct interpretation of it. I believe if 4 Japanese guys can write and publish their interpretation of it wrongly, one American guy can write and publish his interpretation correctly. There has got to be a way. If they did it, so can I. If you can help or know a good lawyer or publisher email me please.
I also got online once with George Harrison in a yahoo chat room to promote his album "All things must pass". He is by the way the only author of Only A Northern Song. I asked him about my theory. He ignored me like the plague. I began to wonder if anybody was listening at all so I wrote "So George, Has anybody tried to stab you lately?" The whole chat room went nuts. Everybody hated me. I wrote back: I'm Glad somebody is listening. I said it was a joke and I'm sorry, but how about an answer to my question? Nothing..

My next venture was to contact everybody I thought could help me Dateline,. . The National Enquirer etc. Nobody was interested. I finally made contact with Steve J. He is a radio dj at wckg in Chicago and does a show called "Breakfast with The Beatles". We actually had lunch and talked about my theory. He said it made sense and maybe we could do a radio show on my theory but it would be up to his partner Red M. Red hasn't emailed me back after 3 weeks of me emailing him. It is my guess Infinity Broadcasting ,which owns WCKG, is tied up with Hal Leonard publishing somehow. I'm beginning to wonder how many publishers and newspaper groups Hal Leonard is affiliated with. I really don't know, but I think The book "Beatles Complete" needs to be completed and this is newsworthy stuff, my friends think this is newsworthy and I know a lot of other people will too when they hear the news. I urge anyone who reads this story to please e-mail Hal Leonard at or call them at 414-774-3630 and put the the pressure on. There are a lot of unanswered questions the public needs to know.Or maybe Michael Jackson is the one to contact, since he is the actual owner of the music. Or maybe Warner Bros, since it is their book that I am transposing. I have hit a brick wall everywhere I go and I am asking you, the fans, to help me by boycotting Hal Leonard Publishing until they print the truth or somebody does. I am planning a march or picket on Hal Leonard's sidewalk September 20th 2001 if anyone would like to join me in the fight for truth and justice.You can probably get a refund + some, by suing them in small claims court, if you bought"The Beatles Complete Scores" for misrepresenting themselves, saying that it was every song written and recorded by the Beatles, because I have 20 songs that are missing in the book "The Beatles Complete Scores". The songs that are missing are as follows:Bad to Me page 18
Come and Get It page 406
From a window page 81
Goodbye page 425
Hello Little Girl page 28
I don't want to see you again pg 92
I'll Be On My Way page 48
I'll keep You Satisfied pg 46
I'm in love page 49
Instant Karma page 462
It's for you page 118
Like Dreamers Do page 121
Love of the Loved page 56
Nobody I Know page 127
One and One is Two page 130
Ooo You page 472
Step Inside Love page 392
That Means a lot page 191
Tip of my tounge page 70
World without love page 142
The page reference is for the Book "Beatles Complete" published by Warner Bros. which is now out of print so go to a used bookstore or get online and find a copy. Here are the songs that are out of key and the method used for correcting them. They are as follows;
Across The Universe page 319 Capo the 2nd Fret not the 3rd
They just wrote it like that
All I've Got to Do page 6 Capo the 4th fret
All My Loving page 16 Capo the 1st fret
And I Love Her page 76 capo the 1st fret
And Your Bird Can Sing Page 220 Capo the 4th fret
Another Girl page 152 Capo the 4th Fret
Any Time At All page 73 Capo the 7th fret
Ask Me why page 22 Capo the 1st fret
Baby's In Black Capo the 7th
Back In The U.s.s.r page 325 tune to Eb
Birthday page 328 Tune to Eb
Day tripper page 154 capo the 4th
Dear Prudence page 338 tune to Eb
Do You Want to Know a Secret page 20 tune to Eb and ad an Am and G#m
Don't Bother Me page 25 tune to Eb
Don't let Me Down page 414 tune to Eb
Doctor Robert page 222 capo the 2nd
Drive My Car page 156 capo the 7th
Eight days a Week page 86 capo the 4th
Every Little Thing page 88 capo the 7th
The Fool On the Hill page 268 capo on the 2nd
For no One page 236 tune to Eb
From Me to You page 34 capo the 5th
Get Back page 417 capo the 4th
A Hard Days Night page 90 capo the 7th
Hello Little Girl page 28 capo the 3rd
Help page 158 capo the 2nd
Helter Skelter page 349 Sharp all Chords 1/2 step
Hey Bulldog page 352 capo the 6th
Hold Me Tight page 30 capo the 5th
I Call Your Name page 32 capo the 4th
I Don't Want To Spoil The Party page 94 capo the 7th
I Feel Fine page 96 capo the 2nd
I Need You page 160 capo the 2nd
I Saw Her Standing There page 37 capo the 5th
I Should Have Known Better page 98 capo the 7th
I Wanna Be Your Man page 100 Capo the 11th or tune to Eb
I Want To Hold Your Hand page 40 capo the 7th
I Want to Tell You page 232 Capo the 2nd and correct the timing
If I Fell page 103 capo the 4th
If I Needed Someone page 162 capo the 4th
I'll Be Back page 106 capo the 2nd
I'll Be On My Way page 48 capo the 3rd
I'll Cry Instead page 112 capo the 2nd
I'll Follow the Sun page 114 capo the 3rd
I'll Get You page 44 capo the 2nd
I'm Down page 164 capo the 7th
I'm happy Just To Dance With you page 109 capo the 1st
I'm Only Sleeping page 234 capo the 3rd
In My Life page 172 capo the 2nd
Instant Karma page 462 capo the 4th fret
It Won't Be Long page 52 capo the 4th
It's All Too Much page 366 capo the 2nd
I've just seen a Face page 177 capo the 4th
Lady Madonna page 368 capo the 2nd
Like Dreamers Do page 121 capo the 4th
Little Child page 54 capo the 1st
Love Me Do page 12 capo the 4th minus the 7ths
Magical Mystery tour page 290 capo the 4th
Maxwell's Silver Hammer page 433 tune to Eb
Michelle page 178 capo the 3rd
Mother Nature's Son page 376 capo the 4th
The Night Before page 180 capo the 4th
No Reply page 124 capo the 5th
Norwegian Wood page 182 Capo the 9th
Not A Second Time Page 58 capo the 6th
Nowhere Man page 184 capo the 1st
Oh Darlin page 443 tune to Eb
One after 909 page 474 tune to Eb
Only A Northern Song page 378 capo the 2nd
Penny Lane page 292 capo the 1st
Please please Me page 9 capo the 9th
P.S.I love You page 14 capo the 2nd
Revolution page 383 capo the 9th
Run For your life page 186 capo the 2nd
Sexie Sadie page 389 capo the 5th
Sgt Peppers... Page 294 capo the 7th
She loves You page 65 capo the 4th and add a few
She's A woman page 132 capo the 6th
She's leaving home page 297 capo the 12
Tell Me Why page 134 capo the 2nd
Thank You Girl page 68 capo the 4th
That Means a Lot page 191 capo the1st
There's a Place page 137 tune to Eb
Things We Said Today Page 137 Don't change the tuning
Ticket to ride Page 196 capo the 6th
The Two Of us Page 448 tune down one whole tone
Wait page 210 Tune to Eb
We Can Work It Out page 198 capo the 7th
What you're Doing page 140 capo the 9th
When I Get Home page 147 capo the 5th
When I'm 64 page 302 capo the 1st
The Word page 202 capo the 7th
Yellow Submarine page 248 tune to Eb
Yes It Is page 204 capo the 4th
You Cant Do That page 150 capo the 2nd
You Won't See Me page 213 capo the 9th
You're Going To Lose That Girl page 216 capo the 4th
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away page 218 capo the 2nd
Well there you have it. I'm not saying this is the exact way to play it,but it gives you the right key and the right chords. Some of the capo placements do give it that unmistakable Beatles sound.

Please feel free to contact me if you do not agree with a capo placement or for information about the march on Sept 20th or if you just want to talk Beatles. Contact me at, or or visit me soon at my Beatles Completed web site which is now currently under construction. Together we can get the music
corrected. Thanks Michael Benko "Bad Apple Publications 2001" All Rights Reserved.

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