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Sorry, you flyest of Fly Girls! But I did celebrate Yoko's birthday in my own way... and I sent her warm wishes and love in a passing cloud.

(Yoko's birthday time is also personally special to me because it's my anniversary of being a veggie... 33 crazee years now! I chose the date on purpose, btw....)

As for Snoopy's claim that Yoko is not popular among Beatles fans, I have two responses: 1) Most of the fans that were born 1975 or earlier have grown mature enough to at least appreciate her (if they didn't care for her before) and understand why John loved and needed her and 2) Just because something's not popular doesn't mean it's not awesome. Part of what makes The Beatles so extraordinary is that they were the most popular and they were the most awesome... but that's a very rare phenomenon. Most of the time, the coolest and most awesome people and things are NOT popular. Let's not forget that Van Gogh never sold a painting his entire life!

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