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Originally Posted by Fly View Post
You know, freedom of speech and all but I didn't make this thread for you to promote your jealous-filled rants about why Yoko doesn't matter and why you don't like her. I made this to celebrate someone who has done a tremendous amount of positive for the WORLD and for John's life. Whether you guys like it or not, Yoko was in John's life. You can go on and on about not finding her important, not caring about her bring twice John's age, not thinking she deserves a thread compared to other wives.

THIS is John's board and she was John's wife. Most of the albums post-Beatles had some Yoko-influence on them, and she matters now because she has done a lot more than just be a widow. She is an international spokesman for peace and for good in this world. Instead of writing books about her past that spread negative messages about someone who isn't here to defend himself (and you can argue the validity of those messages with me I don't care- bring it), Yoko instead focuses on all the GREAT and TIMELESS things John did.

I personally think you, Snoopy, are jealous of the love John had for Yoko. It's obvious to me because the way you talk about her you'd think it was HER that killed John.

Anyways, have a wonderful love-filled day. Maybe we can go back to the theme of my thread: posting things you LIKE about Yoko, and not about her getting too much attention. Why would we have Olivia and Linda threads on the John board? Come on. Make sense people.
Honestly, the ONLY thing I LIKE about Yoko is that she keeps the memory of John alive, that's ALL I'm a good girl now, don't you think so, Fly

But then, you won't stop me from being convinced of one thing: Yoko would never have been famous in any way, if she hadn't been married to John

And last, but not least: just compare the pictures of Yoko just before John was killed, with the ones which were taken a few years later. In which ones does Yoko look happier ? C'mon, Fly, just tell me, please ??

O.k., o.k. don't hit me... I'm already gone...


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