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Originally Posted by Snoopy66 View Post
Well, there's not much more to tell; you said it yourself, didn't you ? It's true that Yoko gets more than enough attention, actually far more than she deserves. Olivia seems to be a much more nicer and modest Beatles-widow to me. No, Yoko isn't more important than the rest, even though she gives the impression to be.

Why do you claim that Yoko is the closest person we have to John ? What about Sean ??

Cause she spent the most time with him before he died.Even more than Sean.I'm sure he has some memories of John.He was only 5 after all.Either he has a damn good memory or people just relayed memories to him.I think I can remember 3 things from when I was 5,and I came from a family of 9!I should have memories coming out my butt!But I don't.
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