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Originally Posted by ChrisG134 View Post
Tell me about it!Yoko gets more than enough attention,a heck of alot more than any other Beatle wife!Do they celebrate Olivia, Barbara & Linda's b-day?I don't want to hear that Yoko was more important than the rest.Tell that to George,Ringo & Paul!Yoko get's alot of love (and hate) on here,especially since John is gone,she's the closes person we have to John!
Well, there's not much more to tell; you said it yourself, didn't you ? It's true that Yoko gets more than enough attention, actually far more than she deserves. Olivia seems to be a much more nicer and modest Beatles-widow to me. No, Yoko isn't more important than the rest, even though she gives the impression to be.

Why do you claim that Yoko is the closest person we have to John ? What about Sean ??


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