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Smile Yoko Ono turned 80 and there's no threads?

Come on people! This was the love of John's life. And she just turned 80 years old! I can't believe that there were only 4 or so posts about it (and thank you to those who did). Yoko is a trailblazer. How many 80 year old travel all over the world doing almost the same thing they did half their age (and more) ago?

She is officially twice the age John was able to live for, and she is still so beautiful, strong, and inspiring. Her message never grows old, much like her face/body and extremely positive ideas. For Yoko's 80th, I let my kids go to school half day and took them to the art museum for lunch and let explore. I love how creative children are and how free they are with their feelings. My son doesn't 'get' most of the Impressionist stuff because it bores him but my daughter adores it. I love where we live because I can take them to so many incredible museums and share this precious time with them. And it seemed right to do it on Yoko's birthday because she was one of the females I admired growing up who really got me thinking about art.

Even though I didn't go into that field, I have a great admiration for art and different artists. Sure, some of them are crap, but at least there is some effort there.

In any case, I think now is better than never to share that little story and a few of my favorite Yoko pictures. thanks Yoko for always making me think and look at the glass half full rather than half empty.

You are an icon.

I know we have a YOKO LOVE THREAD, but please use this thread to share some of the things- your FAVORITE things- about Mrs. Lennon.
"It does not matter how old you are, you're as young as you feel right now." John Lennon

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