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Paul worked at Massey and Coggins for 7.75P per week - training to be an electric motor winder (an apprentice) and then work his way up. That was excellent for an 18 year old in 1960. Neil Aspinall was on 2.50 in 1962 as a trainee accountant. Paul started as a sweeper but did not sweep the floors. The school he went to and his qualifications would have alerted them that Paul was management material and put him a training programme. In those days you started at the bottom to get to know the company and its ways from bottom up and that includes the practical side.

Massey and Coggins were in Spofforth Road in Wavertree backing onto the Edge Hill rail sidings. They were not a factory as such, but a reconditioner of motors and serviced them - mainly big motors. Ships engineers would send motors to them. They would take large motors and rewind them, etc. They may have made big specialist motors to order.

Paul would have got the 86 bus to Smithdown Rd and walked up Webster Rd which ran onto Spofforth Rd. John Coggins was one of the owners who was a nice guy. They closed for good in 1982.

Spofforth Rd just before the area was redone - it still has the Victorian cobbles in the street surface which would have been there in 1960/61. Massey and Coggins are on the left, out of sight, opposite the metal radio tower of the Gas Corporation. I worked in the Gas Corporation at one time opposite Massey and Coggins.

Massey and Coggins were here at this site - now demolished. A new housing complex is next to the site as the area is being regenerated.

Paul's last pay slip from Massey and Coggins. They obviously sent him his due wages to his home. When leaving a company they usually gave these to you in your hand when leaving. He walked out without them knowing.

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