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The recent thread on Jackie Lomax reminded me of another Apple artist, Chris Hodge. A couple months ago I picked up his Apple single "We're On Our Way" / "Supersoul" and just listened to it recently. Actually pretty good stuff, but what really struck me was how much the B-side sounded like John Lennon material from the same time. The music and arrangement sounds exactly like it could have come from the Plastic Ono Band or even Sometime In New York City albums. I started to wonder if Chris Hodge was a Lennon protégé. I know George and Paul each had their artists they produced and worked closely with, but I wasn't aware of John having this level of involvement or interest.

I looked through my (albeit limited) library for info on Chris Hodge but found nothing. I also looked around on the web, but all I could really find was just a listing of his name as an Apple artist, no other information. Does anyone know anything about him?
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