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Default Re: songs you dislike (or hate)

HMVNipper Posted:
"Squeeze Box" by the Who. I have ALWAYS hated that song...and I'm a huge Who fan! Ugh, ugh, ugh! Sexist, tasteless, disgusting...I could go on, but you get the idea...I'll forgive Pete Townshend nearly anything, but not that song!

"No Apologies" by Nirvana -- I can't understand a blessed thing he's saying, it sounds like the whining and slurring of a drunk man to me. Ditto for "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

[/ QUOTE ]

Well on first listen Squeeze Box would sound sexist, I agree. Then comes the subsequent listens...and the real meaning of the song becomes clear. The slang term for an accordian is a squeeze box. It's a tounge in cheek song about learning to play the instrument.

Question: Why is it only Ray Davies and Pete Townshend can get these 3 minute dirty jokes on the radio?

But I whole heartedly agree on the Nirvana point you make. Kurt Cobain was the most overrated songwriter in the grunge genre. Some have said he was the second coming of John Lennon. Hello! Anyone listening? Cobain got famous for writing formulaic tripe. He songs would start in his normal voice. THEN HE GOT LOUD! Then for effect the next verse was very soft almost spoken. The song would then end in his normal singing voice. When ever did Lennon write songs like that? Top it all of to say that the only other person who would mumble and garble his lyrics like Cobain did was and is Bob Dylan. The most honored marble mouth ever.
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